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A Little Housekeeping and an Update

I want to point out a couple of things about the website.

First of all, I realized there is not a great place for me to put updates on how I’m doing medically, unless I just write a whole blog post about it. So, what I’ve done is create a new page that you can access just by going to the “about” page.

To be specific:

1. From the home page ( click on the menu item across the top that says “about”
2. Scroll to the bottom and there is a sentence that says “Click here to find out my current prayer needs.”
3. Click on the word “here.”

There you can read the latest of what is going on medically and find out specific prayer needs. For today know that I am dealing with a whole-body rash that is very itchy and looks awful. Thankfully, my face has been spared. The dermatologist did a biopsy of two spots as he isn’t even sure what it is, and should get those results back tomorrow. Yes, like Job, I want to scrape my body with broken pottery just to alleviate the itching. But as bad as it is, it is not as bad as the face rash last year.I would appreciate prayers that they can determine the cause and that it is not too serious, and of course that it can GO AWAY.

Second, please be aware that I am having to go in and manually add names to the savorers page. So if you have tried to add your name to the list and don’t yet see it, please don’t do it again. I just haven’t gotten around to updating it again yet. It is so neat to me to see all the different cities where people are committing to abundant living – to savoring. What an encouragement! My hope is that it encourages you to keep on fighting the fight! You’ve got a brother or a sister on the other side of the country fighting alongside you!

Finally, I hope to post about The Walker Run soon, and include some pictures from the spectacular day. Hoping God gives me some words to explain how grateful my whole family is for that day…

I have posted another post today so scroll on down if you want to read a little more.

“Love you to the moon and back a billion quadrillion times”, as we like to say around here…

Sara Walker


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Website 101: Part 2

Let’s chat a bit today about the menu item up there called “Extraordinary Stories”.

Another of my favorite things about Caringbridge was when you would leave your comments and relate, oh so briefly, some modern-day miracle that you had personally experienced or that you had seen in a life close to you. I cannot overstate how much each and every one of those stories have helped to restore my hope on days when I felt the last ounce of hope slipping from my grasp.

Wouldn’t it be neat – I thought to myself – if there was a website that did just that: that collected stories of God’s current faithfulness for anyone to come and read when they needed a reminder of His trustworthiness, His power?

“Well, honey, that’s what the Bible is for!” someone might say. (Did you just read that in a very southern voice? I did.) Let me just say, I couldn’t agree more. Absolutely – the ancient words of hope and stories of God’s faithfulness to his undeserving children have more power than ANYTHING to restore our heart and minds.

That said, why do we think God only worked in mysterious ways way back in “Bible times”? Maybe, just maybe, it’s because we don’t tend to share our stories of what He’s doing right now, or we don’t do so often enough.

So I happen to be of the opinion that it would be a good idea to have a central place to find many modern-day stories of God’s miraculous provision! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this! You don’t have to scroll down through comments on my CB page anymore, you don’t have to search out and read several personal blogs – you can come right here and read all the stories you want. Anytime – even in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep! (Maybe a website like this already exists? Please enlighten me if so.)

This is of course dependent on you sharing your stories with me. It won’t work otherwise. Maybe you don’t have one yourself (even though to that I would say your eyes just haven’t been opened to see it yet), but you know of someone else’s miracle. Please, please, ask that person to write it down and send it to me!

You can keep them anonymous. When you send me your story, I will assume if you click: “this is for Sara’s eyes only” – you are giving me permission to share it anonymously. (Otherwise, you wouldn’t have sent it here at all.) If you don’t feel you are a good enough writer – bah – if God wants to use your story, He will give you the right words. I can clean it up a bit with some simple editing, but it’s the events and the emotion you share that will hold the power.

I have already been sent several stories, and know of several others that I will be seeking out. So be checking that page often! (My goal is to post one every 1-2 weeks). My understanding is that you will not be getting an e-mail when I update that page.

For today, I thought of no better one to start with than my sister’s story. I didn’t even know she planned to send this to me. It was a pleasant surprise.

So, if you want another story of God’s amazing faithfulness, please read.
If you want to leave her comments – please feel free to leave them on this post.

And be thinking about your story. Let’s all add our “bricks” to this house of praise!

{And by the way – “The Savorers” are increasing by the minute! :-)}

Sara Walker

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