My current prayer needs:

5-27-12: I have had a great past few days.
Praises to God for: all skin rashes are completely gone; my energy is almost back to normal, my taste and therefore appetite is improving daily. In general, I feel pretty good right now.

My current prayer needs, as of today:

-Back  and neck pain. My spine is just really stiff and painful in general. My low back pain though really inhibits and slows my movement.

-Appetite and energy to continue to improve.

-To increase weight, specifically muscle mass, which I’ve lost a lot of.

-That my cancer is regressing!

Bless you for remembering me in your prayers. My love to you. – Sara


5-9-12: Things seem to be looking up. My energy and appetite seem to be on the upswing again, though we have a ways to go in both departments.  I am very thankful that I am dealing with very little pain if any these days. I am having some neck and lower back pains which are not directly related to the cancer, but that’s about all in terms of pain. My current prayer needs remain about the same:

1. That the current drugs will rid my body of cancer cells!
2. That I will have no significant side effects to the new drugs
3. For my energy and appetite to continue to improve
4. That this body rash will go away. I am going on 6 weeks of dealing with it now. Hopefully, steroid treatment is in my very near future (as in, next week near.)

4-29-12: Praise God – we are to start treatment again tomorrow, April 30th, which was the goal!  Praise God – my pain level is minimal again so I am taking very little narcotics, which makes life better all the way around!

For now, please pray that:

  • This is the drug (this is the time) that God will use to completely heal my cancer!
  • I tolerate the new drugs well, with no major side effects
  • Continue to pray that the itchy dermatitis rash will go away
  • My appetite will improve and I can get my weight up again
  • I can find my engagement ring.  I have lost so much weight that my rings weren’t fitting anymore, and sometime between 7 pm last night and 7 am this morning I have lost my engagement ring.

As always, I thank you for your prayers!

4-17-12: My doctors are hoping to start my next clinical trial at the end of April. April 30th to be exact, is the goal.  In order to begin on that date, I will have to 1) “pass” all the preliminary testing that must be done before the trial; 2) not have the current itchy rash that I have all over my body. I am to see a dermatologist this week about that. Please pray that the rash is healed in time for the trial, that the treatment needed for the rash does not push us back from the desired start date of the trial even if the rash is healed, that nothing else will get in the way of starting the next clinical trial, if that is God’s plan. Please pray for my pain level, which has traditionally slowly increased throughout every break in treatment to date, due to the aggressive growth of my tumors.  Please pray for my GI regularity as I have to increase my narcotics intake to combat the rising pain level.