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Let the savoring begin!

 [H]ello, God’s favorite child! Did you know that’s who you are? Because you are. He is most passionately in love with you.

Welcome to my little corner of the worldwide web! I want to welcome you in and give you a big old hug. I want to encourage you to take your shoes off and get comfy. I want to lead you over to a big overstuffed chair and hand you a steaming cup of your favorite hot drink. Then let’s have a nice long chat, just you and I.

Well, that’s exactly what I would do if it were possible through a computer screen. That’s what I hope you will envision when you come to this place in cyberspace: a nice chat with an old friend who loves you just for who you are. Imagine sips of hot tea between sentences.

Ahh. So good.

I want to show you around my new little home here on the Web. In fact, over the next few days I hope to do just that: show you around and explain to you my dream for each of the little spaces. In the meantime, feel free to look around a bit today. You will see that  there are several “rooms” to the site that I hope to start utilizing soon. My hope is that as you explore today, your excitement will grow. I hope you will be even more inspired to be a SAVORER!

I want to talk about living. I want to talk about living abundantly.

Sure, we may talk about cancer a little more. We may talk about trials and tribulations. (Can I get an amen and a little good old gospel music playing in the background here?)

But we will lay everything at the feet of Jesus. We will allow His light to fill those dark places. We will seek and we will find the good, the noble, the true.

I commit the following to you:

1. Not one word will be typed on this site that hasn’t first been covered in prayer.

2. Every word typed on this site will be for the purpose of renewing the mind, because I want to be transformed, and I hope you do too.

So, for today, I say to you: WELCOME.

And let the savoring begin!

Sara Walker


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