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A Savoring Exercise

[H]e is risen! Hallelujah!

The beauty of the day yesterday and the beauty of the Easter service yesterday morning can only be outdone by the beauty of those words:

He is risen!

I could write for a month of Sundays about the glorious feelings all of the above inspire within me.  I mean, when’s the last time you’ve seen an ugly Easter? When’s the last time it was gloomy, rainy and dark on Easter Sunday morning? I can’t tell you the answer for me – I’m just not sure that I’ve ever experienced a gloomy Easter Sunday. I believe all of creation can’t help but glorify God on the anniversary of that beautiful, eternity-shaking day! Can you even imagine how breathtakingly beautiful it must have been on the actual Resurrection Day? If the land went dark for 3 hours in the middle of the day that horrible Friday of His death, how it must have been bursting with light and color on that happiest, most victorious of mornings!

He is risen!

Do you feel renewed? I do. And it inspires me to begin a new phase of this dream that is this website. I dream of a place where we can encourage each other in so many ways, including “spurring one another on to good works.”

I want us to challenge each other with spiritual exercises that are attainable, even to us ordinary folk. I would like us to share ideas for service that will help us all to savor this life, and most of all,  to look a little more like Jesus.

So my challenge to you today is a way to


Step One: Spend today in prayer, asking God to guide you to the name of a friend that needs to be encouraged.

Step Two: Starting tomorrow morning, try to send that friend a daily text message or e-mail of a verse of scripture. Try to do this daily for one week. You may feel you need to explain what you are doing, but I challenge you to explain as little as possible. Try to pray for that friend all week. I would also encourage you to maybe choose a friend who doesn’t have a whole lot of attention right now, who doesn’t have some major life crisis going on that many know about, who may not be receiving many prayers on his/her behalf just because life seems ok right now. Those may be the ones who are hurting most.

Step Three: Think about what you are learning or experiencing through the exercise. I will write about my experience – oh yes, I’m taking the challenge right along with you – next week and ask for comments on what you got from it, or maybe more importantly, what surprising things you saw God do through it for your friend. I can’t wait to learn from you.

So, all you folks who “signed” the list to commit to savoring, THIS MEANS YOU. 🙂

I challenge you and I challenge myself.

Let’s  share some inspiration this week and see what we learn. 


Side note – prayer warriors for me: I am experiencing very intense back pain right now and for the last 10 days or so, that no one seems to be able to explain. PLEASE pray for relief. My extensive pain meds are hardly touching it.

Sara Walker 

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