January 27

In awe. Overwhelmed. Thankful. Sometimes fearful. So many, many emotions and feelings inside me right now. Thank you all for reminding me (I need to hear it a lot right now) of God’s power and His goodness. The visit with Dr. Berlin went well, he gave us good information we hadn’t yet received. We are still in the decision making process as to what to do from here – have some stuff to read, etc. But while I know I need to do my part, I believe God is guiding our steps and if he wants to heal, He can do it through any means.

Understand that while I try to stay positive and allow the peace of Christ to “rule” in my heart, I do have rough times. Last night I got on my knees and face on the floor and sobbed; begging, begging with all my might, for God to heal me, to help my husband raise our boys, to share the story of His mercy for many, many years to come. My God is big enough to handle my fears, and He asks me to lay my burdens at His feet. What I’m still learning is how to leave them there.

And this morning, through that prayer, through the sunshine outside today, through the Spirit inside me, and through your wonderful messages, THE PEACE has filled me again.  Thank you.
Please pray for our decision-making. And for minimal “pressure” from well-meaning individuals to do what they feel is best for us.

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