January 31

I will begin chemotherapy at Tennessee Oncology tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb 1st, at 11 am.
I am beginning with a regimen known as FOLFIRI + Avastin. It will be outpatient chemo. I will go to the clinic for a few hours, then be sent home with an infusion pump for continued chemo for a total of 48 hours. I’ll then go back to have them remove the pump. Then I go back for the second round two weeks later. Truthfully, I am looking forward to spreading out these doctor/hospital visits. It’s hard to believe I really won’t have to go anywhere for medical stuff for almost 2 weeks. There’s been something almost every day for so many weeks now.

Please pray for minimal complications with the chemo administration and of course minimal side effects. Please pray my boys are not freaked out by the “fanny pack” pump, and also that they don’t somehow unhook it! 🙂 And please pray that my response is so amazingly, miraculously good that we are all amazed by the next set of scans of my insides. So amazing that God will prove to many that He is still in the miracle business!

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