March 23

Things I have savored today:

– Waking up
– Getting on my knees and praying: “God, thank you for a restful night’s sleep. Thank you for this, a new day; for it is a gift. Guide my steps today and let me follow your plan, not my own agenda. Help me to shine your Light wherever I am.”
– Scott waking up and calling for me – thanking God that his mommy is still here to come to him when he calls for me
– Scott’s crazy bedhead morning hairdo
– Camden’s excited “Me!” when I enthusiastically asked on the way to school: “Who is ready to have a fun day at school with his friends and learn some cool new things?”
– A moving prayer experience with several of the other mothers of Camden’s classmates; including precious Sybil who quietly asked if she could put her hand on me and pray in her native Ethiopian language because that is more comfortable for her. I have no words for how powerful that was, even though I had no idea what she was saying. God knew and that’s enough.
– A breakfast at Cracker Barrel with a new friend, Becky, who has come to know me through this website.
– Becky, a published author, telling me I am a good writer
– Becky also telling me that when her son asked her to come outside and watch him ride his bike the other day, and she really wanted to go and take a nap after a long night’s work, she thought of me and went outside and watched him. And she is so glad she did.
– Catching silly Scott trying to drink pancake syrup at the Barrel
– A spur of the moment lunch with old friend Belle and new friend Melanie. Old Sara would have said no because there was laundry calling her.
– Belly laughing at hilarious Belle and Melanie
– A phone conversation with my sister Dinah and hearing precious Will, my nephew squealing with delight in the nearby bathtub
– An unplanned visit with Julie who brought me beautiful purple flowers and brought the boys some chocolate. Old Sara would have pushed her back out the door because it was my only 25 minutes at home before having to pick up Camden, and again, laundry called.
– Getting to hold a precious baby brother of a classmate of Camden’s when I picked him up from school. Can’t get enough baby snuggles.
– Going to Walmart and giving a stranger a gift card just for the fun of it. Never done any random act of kindness like that before and it was so fun!
– Finishing at Walmart faster than I anticipated and getting to come home and finally get to the laundry (going right now)!
– Listening to the awesome CD that Anna Grace B. made for me. Pumped up the volume and sang, danced, and cried to “Mighty to Save” (Oh my savior, you can move the mountains. MY GOD IS MIGHTY TO SAVE. JESUS CONQUERED THE GRAVE!)
– Seeing my boys get excited and sing along to that wonderful song that they love even more than me.

Lord God, oh how you reach down and show me love each and every day. Thank you for the amazing moments of today. Thank you for the wonderful people you’ve surrounded me with. I beg you to continue to show your limitless power, specifically in physical healing that defies medical explanation.

The words playing on my CD player right now:

“And if my God is for us, then what could ever stop us? And if our God is with us, then what could stand against?! Our God is healer, awesome in power…”

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