March 29

It is Tuesday afternoon, and in my house right now my 5 year old is working on some drawings, and my 3 year old is doing something in the kitchen that I’m sure I should be checking on. I’m in the family room, sitting at my iPad (one of the many gifts I’ve received since starting on this path.) We are listening to some great music that has also been sent to me by dear friends. “Everything rides on hope now…” my stereo says to me. So true, speakers, so true. Never been so thankful for contemporary Christian music as I am these days.

I am to go in for Round 5 of chemotherapy tomorrow. Not necessarily looking forward to it, but I am glad to still be alive today to get to have a 5th round.

Today I want to tell you about our robins. Seriously, that’s what we call them. I’ll ask the boys, “Do you see our robins out there?”

There are two beautiful robins that I have now seen at least two or three times a day for the past two or three weeks at minimum. Whenever I look in the yard, either the front yard or the back yard, they are there. They are always in the part of the yard where I happen to be looking.

Yesterday mom took the boys to preschool while we went to see the oncologist, and when I returned she said, “When we left the house, there were two robins in the front yard and I promise they both looked straight at us.” I hadn’t told my mom about our robins.

A few days ago, when I was pulling out of the driveway to take the boys to school, the robins were parked on our front steps. And I promise you, they held themselves erect, like two watchful sentries.

Two days ago, as we were eating breakfast, I looked out the back doors and saw them both walking along the top of our privacy fence, as if doing their rounds and monitoring the perimeter of our property.

Then this morning, I went to the boys’ room to help them find clothes and make up beds. I looked out the window into the backyard, and yep, there were our robins. I PROMISE YOU, they stopped what they were doing and both looked straight up to the window. They stared at me in the window for a good 5-10 seconds.

So call me crazy, but I think they are my angels. Or they are at least my visible reminder that the angels are standing guard. They watch me, they watch the perimeter of our home. They stand guard at the front door to my house. And they are always there. Always on the ground (or on the fence). Not in the trees or flying around.

Scott and Camden now tell me about them: “There’s our robins!”

Alright, now that I’ve officially lost many of you, because you just weren’t ready for this level of craziness 🙂 …

I want to share an e-mail sent to me by a dear friend on January 7th. She lives down the street from me and so passes my house often. Really try to picture this:

“I drove by your house after the prayer meeting. As soon as I drove by, I saw another picture in a flash:
Your house had the most brilliant light streaming out of it, like there was no roof. Light poured forth all the way up to the heavens and back down. I heard the words, “Now is the time for open heavens in this house.” All around giant angels kept bending down, whose heads I could only see when they bent down, and they kept putting these boxes of something into your house. These boxes were brilliantly lit also, and I don’t know what was in them. They were gifts of some sort. At times light particles would fling out of the boxes like sparkler firecrackers. The glory of heaven poured down and faith and praise went up, so just a continual column of light was seen from your house to heaven…Your name is Walker, and that’s not by accident. Walk on, woman of God. You are a warrior sent to disperse darkness wherever you go, and that you will do.”

Wow. Wow. Can you picture that in your mind’s eye? My friend has a gift for describing the unseen; the spiritual realm which we know exists. We know it. The WORD tells us it is so. He will command His angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways so that you will not strike your foot against a stone (Ps 91:9-12). So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. (II Corinthians 4:18)

Do you feel like an unbeatable, unstoppable warrior in this world? Do you see with your eyes of faith the huge angels all around you? If the Spirit is in you, if you are in Jesus, you are unbeatable! YOU ARE! The power of GOD is with you, and His heavenly servants as well!

So I greet my robins, my angel sentries. I picture the huge angels all around me, and I praise God. I praise God for His strength, His power, His presence.
I thank Him for the gifts the angels are bending down to give me: your messages of hope – in guestbook entries, e-mails, text messages, mailed cards. They light up my heart like
sparkler firecrackers.

“…We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us!” (Romans 8:37)

Walk on, my fellow conquerors!

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