June 19

Quick update today, because after talking to a couple of people I’ve realized I haven’t kept my prayer warriors up to date.

I started chemotherapy on Friday, two days ago, and just unhooked myself from the pump a couple of hours ago. I am officially in the clinical trial, and was very thankful to find out that I was randomized to the study group I would have chosen if I had the option. I am getting one of the two avastin-type experimental drugs, and the one I’m getting has already been studied in 500 people (the other experimental drug had only been tested in 26 people so far). So Friday I began FOLFOX + IMC1121B :).

I was also told on Friday about the results of my CT scan last Tuesday. I didn’t read the report this time, but Dr. Penley said the scan showed some minimal but measurable growth of my cancer. He said this was no surprise since we hadn’t been actively treating it in a month. He did say it wasn’t any real remarkable growth, which was a relief to me since my pain had markedly increased. I was fearful of much worse news. The scan also showed that the bases of my lungs are still free of cancer. This is always good news to me because my pain is so near my lungs that it gives me plenty of reason to be concerned about that.

So far with this round of chemo I’m managing ok. I feel badly that Brian is basically on his own today with the boys- getting them ready for church, feeding them (including finding them food- if I was a really good wife/mom I’d prepare for my down days a little better, I suppose), ending their fights, cleaning up their messes, etc- when this is Fathers Day. I haven’t had as much difficulty with nausea, but enough to keep me from eating much. So far today I’ve had a glass of orange juice, some gatorade, a piece of toast, and 1/3 of a small ensure drink. Hopefully if I can get some more calories in I can get some more energy, which is probably my chief limitation.

Thank you as always for your concern and faithful prayers.

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful men out there who take that role very seriously, and especially to my Dad, Brian, Coleman, Michael, Alan, Clark and Mike. Peace and comfort to all of you who are missing your earthly fathers today.

Thank you, heavenly Father, for another day, for each breath of each day is a gift.


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