August 29

I am not having treatment today. When I went in this morning, I was running a low-grade fever of 100 degrees. The doctor is concerned I have either caught some pediatric virus or have a UTI, despite the fact that I have no real symptoms. My white blood cell count and neutrophil counts were both high enough that I was ok to have treatment as far as those factors were concerned, so that was good to hear. I was told that I can go in and have treatment Thursday if I am doing better by then.

I don’t feel quite right today – very fatigued, weak, and my back and abdomen are painful. I am laying on my couch on a heating pad and have just taken two percocet. I plan to conk out and try to let whatever this is run its course. I am selfishly hoping that I can go in Thursday for treatment so that I can still be a part of the few things I have specifically planned for what I anticipated my “good weeks” to be.

As always, I appreciate you all so much.


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