December 8 #1

I don’t have much time to explain, because I am on my way to Sarah Cannon ASAP, but I need to ask you to stop and pray very hard, very specifically, for the next several hours.
We finished up all the preliminary screening before the clinical trial yesterday afternoon and were told that there really wasn’t anything that could come up at this point that could keep me from starting the clinical trial tomorrow.
Then I got a phone call this morning that the blood testing done yesterday revealed that one of my liver function tests had shot way up, to 3 x above normal. The study will only let you participate if you are up to 2.5 x above normal. In other words, yesterday’s reading would exclude me from the trial.
I have been asked to stop the cipro I was taking, come in today for IV fluids, and we are going to draw again and see if the number comes down. They said that this particular liver test has been holding steady for several months so this was a real anomaly that it had shot up so dramatically.

Please pray that the number comes back down to an acceptable number to start the trial. Please pray that the fluids and stopping the anti-biotic works.

I had so much hope, so much hope after yesterday, after talking more about the great success of this trial with other patients. More hope than I’ve had in months. And now it has come crashing down around my feet. You see why it is so hard for me to get hopeful about anything…something seems to always come up (literally, in this case).

Please, please, please pray, pray, pray that the number comes down and I can start the trial.

Will keep you posted….

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