February 16

Things are still a rockin’ and a rollin’ here in the Walker household.

I continue to feel good, and I continue to believe that God’s only just begun to work an amazing miracle in my body. Time will tell, I suppose.

Been working tonight on the new site. Yes, I will of course post the web address here! And I am hoping that anyone could get e-mail updates when I post on it too, just like you do from Caringbridge. I didn’t mean to imply that you had to be on Facebook. Kudos to you who are Facebook holdouts. 🙂

I have been asked about the talk I did at my church on Wednesday night a few weeks ago. It will be shared in some form or fashion soon. Probably on the new site, maybe a “reenactment” on youtube. You all are sweet to want to hear it/read it. Especially if you heard it the first time!

Since I don’t have any side effects to talk about – PRAISE GOD!- I’d love to tell you about my funny boys tonight. (Brian was working late.)

We were talking about our house’s “February Bible words” (memory verse), which is II Corinthians 4:17-18, specifically about the part “we fix our eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen.” Camden asked, “Well, if you can’t see it, how do you fix your eyes on it?” I explained that we have “heart eyes” and they see what we spend the most time thinking about. So I said we need to spend more time thinking about what we can’t see, instead of what we can see. “So, should we spend more time thinking about lego’s or Jesus?” (They both answered “Jesus.”) I continued, “Should we spend more time thinking about God’s love or about Star Wars toys?” (“God’s love.” they both said.)

“Scott, can you see God’s love?”

“No” he answered me.

“Where is His love?” I was looking for “in my heart.”

What I got was:

in his belly.”

“No.” (Trying to keep a straight face) “Where is God’s love?”

“In his throat?” Scott enthusiastically answers.


Moving on…

Then we talked about how we should spend more time thinking about the unseen because those things are eternal, instead of temporary (the rest of the verse).

“Do you know what temporary means?”

Camden: No. What does it mean?

Me: It means it won’t last forever, it only lasts a short time. So the things we see here won’t be in heaven. They are temporary.

Camden: (On the verge of tears) You mean we won’t see lego’s and our other toys in heaven?

Me: (backtracking, trying to maintain their excitement about heaven) No, but we will have even better toys in heaven!

Camden: (eyes narrowed and skeptical) How do you know there will be toys in heaven?

Me: (trying to tread carefully here) Uh, well, because I know for sure that heaven is going to be even better than here, even better than we can imagine.


Yes, my boys’ idea of Utopian perfection is an endless supply of guns.

Oh dear. Just a heads up, you may not want my kids having a deep philosophical discussion with yours about our eternal inheritance.

My answer: (obviously stretching here) Uh, well, I don’t know about that. Maybe you’ll have toy guns that shoot good things like fruit or candy…

They liked this idea.

On second thought, maybe you don’t want to have a deep philosophical discussion about heaven with me either…

Yep, doing the best I can over here, hoping the Holy Spirit will fill in my gaps… 🙂

I take some comfort in the fact that at the end of the discussion, Scott said, quite plaintively, “Mommy, when can we go to heaven? I want to go there now! When can we go there? I wanna hold my baby sister.”

Me too, Scotty, me too.

Lord Jesus, come soon.

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