After the fiery furnace

Sorry for bombarding you today, but I think this is too powerful to wait. A dear friend sent me this message today, and I think it is a powerful description. She actually had sent it one year ago, but saw this image again today as she read my earlier post, so she resent it, with one more paragraph added today. I hope after you read it, you will reread it, and picture yourself instead of me. Because I believe this is what all God’s children should look like with the power of the Holy Spirit living inside us:

“Sara, I continue to pray. Today as I prayed I saw you again; this time you had a crown on your head and a sword in your hand. You swung the sword again and again with your face set, and with every swing you beat back the enemy, hitting him and wounding him mortally each and every time. You weren’t desperate in this vision; you were MIGHTY. Christ’s power flowed in waves as you fought; and yes I can say it was not a desperate fight; you were not overcome or just barely hanging on. You were winning! Everytime you swung the sword you shouted out scripture verses with an authority that gave me goosebumps. I had to laugh at your FB post about “little shy you”. I said it before and I’ll say it again: you might be that way in personality, but inside, in the SPIRIT REALM, you are bold as a lion. You are powerful. You have resources. YOu have weapons. You know how to use them. When you pray, when you praise, when you declare the Word, when you humbly trust the Lord with all your being, it derails satan entirely. Your humility, and trust in the Lord, is utterly destroying to the demonic realm.

You have the gift of faith, as stated somewhere in Romans………God wants to use it, satan wants to steal it. Your name is now Walker, and that’s not by accident. Walk on, woman of God. You are a warrior and sent to disperse darkness wherever you go, and that you will do. You were created to do this. It’s why you are here.”
This is what she added today:
“I am in awe of God.  I sit in silence at His feet.  Do you know why?  Because you are a normal, ordinary person…..with an extraordinary God.  What God has done, just so far in your story, is incredible.  I realize in following your journey…..God wants the extraordinary in EVERY one of His childrens’ lives.  Every one of us!  Does He want us to have cancer and other terrible things?  No of course not…..but the fact that EVERYTHING, including stage 4 cancer, can be used for His glory and good, enables me to see clearly His true sovereignty in all it’s majestic glory.”

YES!! YES!! I am in all ways ordinary, except for the extraordinary love and grace of God. That is all I am trying to do, in opening up my crazy life and thoughts to you all is to show you that: that I am ordinary but look what GOD can do with ordinary! How amazing is HE!!!!

Walk on, my fellow warriors. Rise up and walk on…

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