[I] am going to attempt to post the prayer needs updates to my blog posts so that anytime you want to come and check what my prayer needs are, you have two options to find them. The new option will be to look to the categories listed over there on your right hand sidebar, and click “health updates.” Here’s my update for today:

5-9-12: Things seem to be looking up. My energy and appetite seem to be on the upswing again, though we have a ways to go in both departments.  I am very thankful that I am dealing with very little pain if any these days. I am having some neck and lower back pains which are not directly related to the cancer, but that’s about all in terms of pain. My current prayer needs remain basically the same:

1. That the current drugs will rid my body of cancer cells! 
2. That I will have no significant side effects to the new drugs
3. For my energy and appetite to continue to improve
4. That this body rash will go away. I am going on 6 weeks of dealing with it now. Hopefully, steroid treatment is in my very near future (as in, next week near.) 

As always, I can’t thank you enough for your prayers for me. I know that my current improvement is directly related to your petitions that my appetite and energy would improve.

Sara Walker

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